Why Get Hitched on an Island Destination?

Destination weddings are raising in popularity for many reasons, with the most important being that it’s so much less stressful for the bride and groom. Less stress is always a good thing, right?

An island destination weddings combine the best of both worlds – amazing vistas and locales, with easy-all-in-one planning for your special day. They’re easier, faster and generally less expensive than planning a local wedding.

While you’ll still choose the type of wedding you want, the tedious work of picking vendors (photographer, food, officiant, etc.) is already done for you. It’s your job to relax and enjoy the process, instead of stressing over the centerpieces.

The bride and groom and all of their guests, are well taken care of. Your planner will take care of coordinating world-class food, entertainment and amenities for you and your guests to enjoy. You’ll be thinking more about the important things – spending time with your friends, loved ones and new spouse rather than the little details no one else will even notice.

Your special day should take place in the perfect setting. Destination weddings combine the perfect spot to fit any mood (and pocketbook) with easy-to-plan ceremonies and celebrations. Cays, reefs, beaches, parks, botanical gardens, churches and other romantic locations are ideal settings to declare your love. From pure white or pink sand beaches, to the turquoise crystal-clear waters, the islands are alluring.

Choosing an Abaco island destination wedding means not having to worry about decorations. You’ll have amazing wedding pictures. The beautiful beaches, surrounded by amazing turquoise waters, make an incredible background for any romantic occasion, but especially weddings.

Destination weddings are not only the perfect setting, they are full of fun and exciting activities for guests of all ages. Your guests are guaranteed to enjoy themselves at a destination wedding as visiting the locale is entertainment itself. You don’t have to go far to find everything you need. Whether you enjoy world-class dining, beautiful golf-courses or fun shopping, you can find a destination that’s a perfect fit for you and your guests.

Destination weddings have another wonderful benefit – the honeymoon can start immediately after the reception or ceremony! There’s no more waiting around, security lines or traveling to get to the best part – you’re already there. This not only saves hassle and stress (which is definitely something you want to avoid on your wedding day) you also save money.

The average American spends over $26,000 on a wedding, with most couples spending between $19,800 and $33,000. Destination weddings are often a lot less expensive, and include everything you need for an incredible and romantic ceremony. All inclusive options mean no additional charges for photographer, officiant or other miscellaneous things.

Destination weddings are also a great reason to be serious about your guest-list. Only your closest friends and loved ones will be willing to spend the time and energy to travel to celebrate with you. This eliminates the dreaded stress of having to cut people from your guest list. They’ll cut themselves when you have a destination wedding. No one attends a destination wedding unless they want to be there. This also saves the bride and groom money by not spending excess on large guest lists.

Destination weddings can also save money by being more flexible. Since you’ll be there for a few days, you can schedule your ceremony and celebrations for when peak pricing isn’t in effect. A Friday evening wedding, with an after-party brunch on Saturday is less expensive than a Saturday wedding. Since your guests are all there for a few days, you can spread out the celebrations. Destination weddings also have flexibility to use seasonal rates to your advantage. You can also schedule during less expensive seasons to get drastically reduced rates.

Bringing family and loved ones together from far-away places is another hidden benefit of destination weddings. The Abaco Islands will draw people to your wedding, so they can vacation while they celebrate. Between the incredible scenery, beautiful beaches and top-notch entertainment, your guests just won’t be able to stay away.

Extra time to bond with loved ones and family is another excellent reason to have a destination wedding. Instead of just a few minutes to talk to each person, you’ll have days to celebrate and bond. Special adventures, excursions and day-trips only add to the special times with your loved ones. Destination weddings in The Abaco Islands create lifetime memories with your closest friends and families.

Brides will always receive unsolicited wedding advice from families and loved ones. But destination weddings make it so much easier to keep the wedding what you really want it to be. Without having to pick a local venue, caterer, dj, photographer, florist, etc, their advice is limited. This ensures the wedding truly is what the bride and groom want for their special day.

Grooms are more involved in planning destination weddings. That is probably because it’s not just focused on flowers, decor and food. The focus of a destination wedding is love, fun and vacation – together with your family and friends. What’s not to love about that? Grooms are naturally drawn toward planning an exciting vacation and destination wedding, so it’s more fun for everyone involved. Destination weddings can also allow brides and grooms more creativity with venues, cuisine, activities and attire. Casual dress usually fits right in with destination weddings. Destination weddings can be exactly what you want your wedding to be.

Destination weddings are a great way for the future families to get to know each other – on neutral ground. Sometimes getting married in a neutral zone can make it easier for everyone – especially if the bride and groom are from different geographical areas. Sharing their love of a new place with their families can take the pressure off and give your loved ones a chance to bond and really get to know each other.

Destination weddings are not only great for the guests, they’re very beneficial for the bride and groom. Less stress, less money and less work – sounds perfect to me.

Are you planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas? Contact us at Abaco Tours & Activities. We’ll help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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