Abaco Reef Snorkeling at Mermaid’s Reef

Looking for fun things to do in Abaco, Bahamas? Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities in the Bahamas or a memorable way for you and your special someone to spend a relaxing day, Abaco’s reef snorkeling should be on your list.  

Mermaid Reef

Located about 250 feet off the coast along Pelican Shores in Marsh Harbour, Mermaid’s Reef is a popular snorkeling destination for area residents as well as visitors.  It is a community protected reef, so you know the area means a lot to the locals. 

Fishing isn’t allowed on Mermaid Reef, which is good for the local fish population! And, because this is one of the most popular of Aboca’s snorkeling reefs, the fish that inhabit the reef are unusually friendly. In fact, they are so used to people – and so used to being fed by people – that they will swim right up to you.  

Mermaid Reef is also known as a great spot for beginners, so don’t worry if you or a member of your family hasn’t been snorkeling before. 

What You May See

When snorkeling in the lovely clear waters around Mermaid Reef, you can expect to see:

  • Snapper
  • Butterfly Fish 
  • Green Moray Eels 
  • Trumpet Fish
  • Yellowtail
  • There’s even a lone barracuda called Rambo, whose interactions with snorkelers has made him a popular resident of the reef.


Half-Day Abaco Reef Snorkeling Adventure

Abaco Tours & Activities is proud to offer a half-day tour that will let you snorkel Mermaid Reef and discover its beauty for yourself. 

Departing from Treasure Cay, this reef snorkeling adventure includes: 

  • Bus transportation to and from Marsh Harbour & Mermaid Reef
  • Snorkeling gear and vest
  • Time to explore the charms of Marsh Harbour and enjoy lunch at the restaurant of your choice.
  • Snorkel/tour guide


The Snorkeling Tour of Mermaid Reef is one of many Bahama activities available to you through Abaco Tours & Activities. If you have questions or would like help determining which of the many tourist attractions in Abaco you would like to visit, please contact us. We would love to help!

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