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Join Us On An Adventure!

Come down to Abaco & immerse yourself into a cultural experience that will be unforgettable! Abaco Tours & Activities will help you explore the islands’ beauty like never before! Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, island picnics, beach life, shell collecting, nature walks, blue holes, fishing, scuba diving, island hopping & just unbelievable “fun in the sun”!

Meet the Team

Our team is one family that works together to ensure the best experience for our guests!



Captain Tanique is a bubbly, professional, family-fun personality that will help you create memories that will last with your family always! She has been boating, snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring Abaco for over fifteen years.

Felisa Sawyer

Tour Guide

Felisa is a very adventurous, high-spirited, professional, exciting and bright personality. As a tour guide, her adventures are as colorful as her brightly colored shirts!

Sandy Roberts


Captain Sandy is a very experienced, professional fun-fishing personality that enjoys boating and just being on the water. He has over 30 years experience of boating and fishing around The Abacos.

A Few Words About Us

The inspiration for Abaco Tours & Activities was sparked from the founder’s childhood.  Both parents were free divers by profession (fisherman/fisherwoman) and she also shared her with 6 older brothers who lived to dive, spearfish, climb coconut trees, and ‘ramble bush trails’!

She initially became immersed in the natural beauty & hidden unexplored treasures of South Andros where she grew up.  Her mom had a large fishing vessel amd she would take them on fishing trips to Nassau, Exuma, Berry Islands and Grand Bahama – fishing, sponging and crawfishing!  In 2002 Tanique & her mother went to Abaco on a vacation and her mother fell in love with the island and its natural beauty; she decided to move, and there they stayed!  As Tanique Pratt-Brutus completed school she realized that you spend a good part of your life working; so why not do something that will be fun, exciting and keep her moving and always learning in her favorite area, her ‘backyard’ (the island)!

The Abaco Tours & Activities Spirit

Adventures, explore, learn, share and have unbelievable fun and allow nature to do the rest!  Our home is paradise and we take pride in showing it off in the most professional, fun and informative way!   Our aim is to assist and ‘wow’ each guest we encounter with information, an unforgettable fun and treasured experience on their trip!

Our Partners

We are proud to work with a  number of local businesses to provide the convenience, variety and amenities that enhance your tour experience.


Both Captain Mark and Captain Leslie “Pants” are professional, experienced and knowledgeable captains and fishermen. They have over 25yrs experience boating around Abaco


Lila’s professional, mindful, blissful energy will be a refreshing awakening to your island getaway. (Coming Soon)


Comfort is a professional, fun, sweet, caring personality that covers the home she enters. Her services entail house-sitting and walking, feeding and playing with your family’s precious companion.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We enjoy hosting return groups and the friends they refer to us. Our clients have the best to say about us, new and return alike.

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